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What is the Tribe of the Undefeated

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Raise Yourself From Debt 

If you’ve ever had to work harder, push farther and got less for your effort, you’re in the right place. If you’ve had to prove yourself over and over again, or made a mistake that no one let you forget, we’ve got you. After all those times you refused to be labelled, refused to be beaten down, you finally found us: The Tribe of the Undefeated. We’re on your side.

Join the Tribe of The Undefeated

We’re the most inclusive exclusive club in the world because anyone can become part of our tribe. You choose to become a member through your own blood, sweat and tears. The Tribe of the Undefeated is part of your soul, and it’s not an easy path to follow.

Tribe members are not quitters. If you’re like Rocky Balboa, getting hit and rising again to say, “I could do this all day,” and refusing to give up or be beaten down, you can relate to the Tribe. You know what it means to be part of the Tribe of the Undefeated.

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What is the Tribe of the Undefeated

If you have ever had to work harder, push further and got less; if you ever had to prove yourself over and over again. If you ever made a mistake and no one let you forget it. And after all those times you refused to be labeled, you refused to be beaten down. Then you are in the right place, you are with the tribe of the undefeated. The most unexclusive, exclusive club in the world, because it’s one you truly choose to be part of, through your own blood sweat and tears, it’s not an easy tribe to be part of because it’s part of your soul. However, you know you don’t have a choice, you refuse to give up, and you won’t be beaten down. You just keep getting up and say “I could do this all day” – like Rocky in the ring with our greatest enemy we taunt them “it don’t hurt so bad, it don’t hurt so bad”. If you relate then you understand what it means to be part of the tribe of the undefeated.

The Score Mastercard® by DND:

When you’ve had a rough go financially and life’s left hook has put a bruise on your credit score, you need the Score Mastercard® by DND. Quite simply, it’s the one tool you need to take back control of your financial future.

Rebuilding Your Credit Score

Repeated hits to your credit can often lead to higher interest products, being excluded from better neighbourhoods, and an adverse effect on your future. The Score Card will allow anyone, regardless of credit history, to repair, rebuild, and even create a profile to take back their financial future.

By using our card and the tools we put in your hands, card activity will be reported to the credit bureaus monthly, showing how you are responsibly using the credit we provide. In this fashion, your credit will improve over time, allowing you to access lower interest rates for cars, homes, and loan products. We’ll help you get back into the ring.

3 - Current Crisis and Your Finances

Score Mastercard® by DND: Is it for You?

The Score Mastercard® by DND is for anyone that has ever felt trampled on, made a mistake, had to work harder, had a setback, or has otherwise lost a round unfairly. It’s for students, newcomers, and anyone with less than perfect credit. It’s for anyone who has been charged higher interest fees than they felt was fair, denied a loan, a credit card, or a rental.

If, for faith-based reasons, you don’t want to pay interest but still want access to what a stellar credit score offers, this card is for you, too. It’s also for you if you didn’t quite navigate your early years as well as you might have liked. It’s for you who are just getting your start and want to ensure you have a solid foundation to build on.

Have you owned a business and made mistakes while growing? You’re already part of the Tribe of the Undefeated. This card is for you, the members of the Tribe of the Undefeated, mighty in spirit and determination and still with a lot of fight left in them, may need a little help as they work toward their bright futures.

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Score Mastercard® by DND' ISN'T YOUR AVERAGE CARD

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How Does it Work

Step 1: Download the application

Step 2: Determine your credit limit, send your security deposit and receive your card

Step 3: Pay your regular bills and shopping on the card

Step 4: Pay off the card using your regular paycheck and start all over again

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