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Build your Credit with the Score Mastercard® by DND

Start building the life you've always
dreamed about

The Score Mastercard offers personal and business secured credit
cards that helps you break through bad credit, rebuild, and reach
your financial goals.

29.99% APR

Representative (variable)


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Representative Example:  Amount of Credit: £1,200.
Interest Rate: Representative (variable) 29.99% APR.
Purchase Rate: 0%. One-Time Credit Access Fee: £120.
Monthly Fee: £19.99. Terms and conditions apply.

Why the Score Mastercard?

For anyone with less than perfect credit, newcomers, and entrepreneurs, the Score Mastercard by DND is the fastest way to get your credit back on track.

Personal Card Benefits

  • Build credit for the first time or rebuild your credit history
  • 0% interest on outstanding balances and purchases
  • A low-cost APR credit building card in the UK
  • Avoid predatory lenders
  • Reach your financial goals
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Business Card Benefits

  • Build your company's credit profile
  • Employee card program to manage company spending and expenses
  • Control who spends what and when

How the Score Mastercard Works

It's quite simple really. Credit is built when you develop a history of paying bills on time - things like credit cards, lines of credit, and loans. With the Score Mastercard, you decide what credit limit is best for you as you pre-fund your approved credit limit to DND.  Just start using your card for everyday purchases like a regular credit card, and consistently pay your bills on time. That payment history is reported to the UK credit agencies, and your credit history is established. Voila!



Our founder had to build his credit, just like you!

Score is 25 years in the making.

Kamran Bill Dost, our founder, faced the challenge of having to build his credit almost 25 years ago. His frustration with the experience drove him to develop the Score Mastercard.

The card he wished he had all those years ago to help him build his credit.

Let our Score Mastercard by DND help you attain financial freedom with an improved credit score!

Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost

Score Card Founder

The Score Mastercard:
25 years in the making

At 21, Bill Dost, Founder of the Score Mastercard had a good career but a lemon for a car. After visiting new and used car lots, he discovered that he couldn't even qualify for a £2500 repair loan because of poor credit. Embarrassed and frustrated, he had to call his father for help.

Determined to alter the course of his life, Bill became an expert in the field of "Credit" - even authoring a book on the subject. He founded DND Finance and created the Score Mastercard, to help companies and individuals with bad credit, limited credit, or no credit at all, build their credit score.


Why Build Credit?

We've all got dreams. But for many, every time you try to get ahead, you get knocked down with the word "no". No, you can't get this credit card. No, your company doesn't qualify for this working capital loan. No, a mortgage is out of the question. When you build better credit, not only do the "No's" go away, but the Yes's come with better interest rates, higher limits, more options, and more negotiating power...ultimately helping you achieve your financial goals.

Ready to Build Your Credit Score?

Get a Score Mastercard in minutes!


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